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Unicorn Tears

The Greatest Card Game the Multiverse has ever known!


The Mastermind Behind the Game

13 year old entrepreneur at work!

George Shankool III

Creator and Illustrator

WARNING: If you are allergic to rainbows, unicorns or extreme amounts of fun you should avoid this game at all costs!

For everyone else Unicorn Tears is a must have game for any game night!

Side effects of this Game can include, but are not limited to; Extreme laughter, excitement, fun and an amazingly fantastic time! If you experience any of these side effects please continue to play this game and forget about the troubles of the real world for a while!

 13 year old Entrepreneur uses being grounded from video games as inspiration to create an amazing new card game.

George Shankool III is a 13 year old Entrepreneur who used being grounded from video games as inspiration to create a unique and amazing card game. George’s parents noticed that his obsession with video games was not only consuming him, it was also stunting his creative spirit. So they decided it was in his best interest to take away his games. They were not taken away as only a punishment, but more so as a tool to show him how his obsession was affecting him negatively. At first George didn’t know what to do with his extra “free” time, but after a couple of days of wandering around like a lost puppy, he directed his efforts and attention to building legos and drawing. He also started playing card games with his brother, sister and his parents. He remembered very quickly how much he loved playing tabletop games. He approached his dad with an idea of creating a card game of his own. His dad told him that was a great idea, so he challenged George to come up with a concept, rules and a backstory for his game. George took that challenge and went to work. Several days later he approached his dad with everything he had asked for, after his dad checked out the concept, the story and the overall idea of the game. He was blown away by the amount of time, consideration and detail his son put into his game concept. His dad also was impressed with game concept, it was a new, fresh, exciting idea and had a great inspirational message behind it. George told his dad that he named the game Unicorn Tears: the most amazing card game the multiverse has ever known. He explained how he wanted to make a difference in the lives of other kids. George had noticed the downward spiral in today’s youth and their lack of personal interaction with each other due to an over abundance of technology and video games. He was also noticed the negative effects on mental health and all around happiness, that resulted from a lack of personal interaction. He had heard to many news stories over the past year talking about school shootings, bullying, preteen suicide and so much more. He realized that something needed to change. He started to realize that technology had been contributing to the social separation between today’s youth. He explained how he didn’t even realize how much of a negative impact technology was making on him until it was taken away. He noticed that kids do not spend time playing face to face anymore, instead they facetime. They don’t play games in person,  they play virtual games. He thought he could help change that by creating a card game that was fun, and different. He hoped that he might be able to get kids playing with things other than electronics again. That’s why George chose to make the backstory of Unicorn Tears, highlight the severity of depression and point out the struggle of kids trying to fit in at any cost. He also wanted to show the damage created by having a crowd mentality and how it produces an exclusive and divisive environment.

Yes, this game was created to be extremely fun, but on a deeper level it is tool to highlight the struggle that modern youth face with acceptance, self image, self esteem and depression. It is his mission to not only help shine a light onto these issues, but also to help be part of the solution .Being grounded from video games has turned into a blessing instead of the punishment he originally thought it was. He commissioned his dad  who's name also happens to be George (don't judge it’s the only name they knew how to spell) to help him bring his concept to life. His dad helped him digitize his drawings, finalize the card designs, have the game tested and make minor changes to ensure smooth game play. Now that the final proof has arrived, George has been bringing the game to school to play with his friends during recess. The game has grown in popularity and is now more and more kids are excited to play! His game is already making a positive impact on the lives of others and he is hoping to get it into the hands of many more people to impact their lives in a positive way.


Da Rulez of the Game

This edition of “Unicorn Tears” includes (36) action Cards (Useless on their own, but with a pair of 2 or 3 for Kettle-Corn they have a special ability that is mentioned on the card). (5) Unicorn tears (you lose immediately unless you have an antidepressant) (6) Antidepressant cards (if you draw Unicorn Tears place this card,show everyone the Unicorn Tears then place the unicorn tears anywhere you like in the deck in secret.) (4) Magic Sparkle cards (look at the top 5 cards and replace them in any order you like, draw 1 card to you turn.) (4) Unicorn Dust cards (shuffle the deck) (5) Unicorn Kick cards (skip your turn and do not draw a card) (3) Stop-icorn cards (stop any action card, anti-action or special action card. It can be placed at any time during game play) (3) Go-icorn cards (stop the effects of a stop-icorn card. Whatever card that was placed before the stop-icorn must be played as it was before the stop-icorn was placed)(4) U-turn-icorn cards (Play this card during your turn and reverse the game play direction and end your turn without drawing a card) (1) Buddy the Narwhal cards this is the only unstoppable card in the deck(switch hands with any player and end your turn without drawing a card from the deck).

How to set up

The oldest person playing the game starts as the dealer. When that game is finished the deck is passed to the left and that person is the dealer for the next game. First things first, take all the unicorn tear cards out of the deck. Shuffle the deck and give each player 7 cards, place unicorn tear cards back into the deck according to how many people are playing and reshuffle the deck.

For example: If there are 4 people playing, place 4 unicorn tear cards back into the deck. If you feel like being risky put all the unicorn tear cards in the deck and cross your fingers.

How to play

Game play starts with the player to the left of the dealer, game play continues clockwise. Place as many playable cards during your turn that you would like, once you are finished placing cards, draw 1 card to end your turn. If you do not have any cards to play during your turn, or choose not to play any cards,  draw 1 card to end your turn. Once a player loses they have to place their remaining cards in into the discard pile.

How to win

You win by making all of the player draw unicorn tears, the last player standing is the winner. Use strategy, skill and a bit of luck while utilizing the action, special action and other cards in the deck to help you avoid sudden death  and survive the Unicorn Tears.

Now go have fun and play the game!!!!


The Story of Charles The Unicorn

Back story of the game: Charles the unicorn and the magical wannabe unicorns need your help! Charles is the most popular magical creature in the kingdom of Sparkle-Topia. Unfortunately his world has just been turned upside down. Charles the unicorn has been happy for all eternity and that happiness is the source of not only his magic, but it holds together the entire physical land of Sparkle-Topia. The very existence of all who live there is now being threatened, by a human who accidentally stumbled upon his world. The human is amazed by the land and its creatures, especially Charles the magical unicorn. Charles and the magical creatures are equally amazed by the human. They had never seen such a creature. The human quickly loses interest in the other creatures, he only wants to spend time with Charles. Charles becomes infatuated with the human as well and forgets about all of his other magical creature friends. They spend every waking moment together, excluding the other creatures.   The other creatures become jealous that the human doesn't give them any attention. So they come up with a plan to get his attention. They all disguise themselves as magical wannabe unicorns and successfully gain the attention of the human. The human had never even imagined creatures such as these. Things have changed so drastically for Charles, he hasn't even had a chance to process what happened. He has lost the attention of all of his magical creature friends and his new best friend the human! He falls into a deep depression. He could not figure out what was happening to him, since he had never felt the emotion of sadness. Charles was now overwhelmed with grief. He begins to cry uncontrollably, his tears, depression and sadness start to deteriorate the fabric of existence in the land of Sparkle-Topia. This overwhelming sadness is now threatening the existence of all who live there. Now realizing that they have made a huge mistake, the wannabe unicorns go to the human for help.  They explain to the human what is happening with Charles, the human then explains to them that Charles is suffering from depression. The human then explains something called antidepressants to the wannabe unicorn creatures.The human continues to explain that they could help someone who has fallen into such a terrible state of mental health and sadness! The creatures explained that no such thing exists in their land, but they have heard of magical rainbow sprinkles that brought pure happiness and joy to all that ate them. The only problem was the only magical rainbow sprinkles that were known to the multiverse were owned by an adorable narwhal named Buddy. Buddy is the keeper of all rare and magical relics and will only trade a rare relic for something he considers more rare and desirable. The human approached Buddy and offered to trade him the magical rainbow sprinkles for a smartphone. Buddy was amazed by this contraption! He had never seen anything like it before, so he gladly traded with the human. Now that they had retrieved the magic rainbow sparkles and placed them into a bottle labeled anti-depressants. They came up with a plan to apologize to Charles and explain that they were sorry for hurting his feelings, they continued by saying they wrong for excluding him and asked if they could be best-est friends again. He accepted and forgave them but was still sad. The depression had taken a major toll on him. So all of the creatures told Charles that they found the magical rainbow sprinkles that could help him with his overwhelming sadness. They gave some to Charles, he ate them and instantly was healed from his depression and uncontrollable crying. The creatures were so overjoyed that they built a statue of Charles and vowed to be his best-est friend for all eternity. Charles opened a portal for the human to return home and they all lived happily ever after!

On a more serious note: This game in no way, shape or form is intended to make light of depression. We understand that depression is a serious issue and has been increasing especially in youth. This game was created to highlight the severity of depression and also points out the unfortunate struggle of kids trying to fit in at any cost. It also shows the damage created by having a crowd mentality that produces an exclusive and divisive environment. This game was created to be fun, but  more importantly as tool to highlight the struggles that modern youth face with acceptance, self image, self esteem and depression. It is our mission to not only help shine a light onto these issues , but also to help be part of the solution.

Thank you very much for taking the time to learn about our game. We hope that you choose to be part of this magical journey with us!



"This is the most amazingly fun game I have ever played!"

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"This game is sooooooooooooo awesome and I love Charles!"

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"This is the Greatest Card Game that the Multiverse has ever known!"

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